Sample Workouts




The Stability Ball – check out its many advantages outside of the gym.
Using the stability ball at work
Using the stability ball during pregnancy
Using the stability ball during labor (a demonstration).


– With  a bosu or pillow –

Duration: 35 min
Instructions: Go through three times with 2 min rest bw ea set. Try to stay on the top of the bosu for all the upper body exercises.
12 forward lunges
12 military press
12 squats
12 bent o/ row
1:00 jogging
12 bi curl
12ea leg alt. step-ups
12 punches
20 bosu cross o/
12 tricep o. extension


– The Ultimate Ab Workout –

Duration: 20 min
Equipment: swiss/stability ball
Instructions: Perform two sets of  each exercise before moving onto the next exercise. Stretch your abs between exercises.
2 x 25 Swiss ball crunch (regular crunch on the ball)

 2 x 15 knee tucks to push-up

2 x 8 ea side j-twists (same as knee tuck, but pull the ball into your side rather
          than straight towards your chest. alternate sides)
2 x 10 pikes

2 x 20 ball roll-out
2 x 10 ea russian twists
2 x 15 reverse crunch
2 x 20 hip extensions
2 x 1:00 forward plank


– Interval Training –

Duration: 50 min
Equipment: set of dumbells and road or treadmill
Instructions: go through whole circuit once then repeat. Second time through do 2 min for toning instead of 1min.
1 min spilit jumps
   2 min jog
1 min lunges w/ bi curl & press
   2 min jog
1 min alt. step-ups
   2 min jog
1 min rev. lunge w/ tri ext.
   2 min jog
1 min. squat w/ for. raise
   2 min jog
1 min plyo push-up (push-up and jump hands off floor in b/w)
  2 min jog
2 min deadlift & press
   2 min jog


– Speed Circuit –

Duration: 30 min
Equipment: set of dumbells
Instructions: go through whole circuit without any rest between ea exercise. Take a 2min rest and then repeat 2 more times.
30 lateral hops (hop w both feet over the dumbells)
 15 push-up row (in a push-up position: row one weight at a time and then psup)
 50 jumps squats
 15 arnold presses
 50 pop squats
 20 alternating hammer with bi curl
 40 jump lunges
 15 bent o/ row to tri extension
 60 mtn climbers